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    About Hasik design studio

    unikalne, ręcznie wykonane meble i oświetlenie,
    autentyczny wystrój wnętrz



    We are a design studio specializing in interior architecture and the design and manufacturing of high-quality objects, including furniture, lighting, and accessories.

    Our studio is formed by a creative duo – Grzegorz and Tomasz.

    Grzegorz, a graduate in interior architecture and furniture design, is responsible for transforming vision into design, paying particular attention to details.

    Tomasz is the driving force and communicator, effectively conveying our passion.



    In our approach to designing and producing objects, we believe in durability and timelessnessThat's why we design items crafted with care from quality materials that will serve for years—passed down from generation to generation. All objects produced by us are based on archetypal forms—circle, rectangle, with simple joints. We cherish the natural beauty of wood and stone, as well as the patina that metals acquire. Our products engage the senses, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and contemplation.


    In the field of interior design, we respect the existing architectural fabric and adapt it to the new needs of residents. Our solutions are timeless – by preserving historical details, we complement the space with contemporary forms and materials. We strive to create places that are not only aesthetic but also functional.